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Min Chen

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PhD Research Student

Novel Active Control of a Trolleybus Current Collection System (ACTCCS)

Min Chen works in the Control Systems Research group.

The trolley bus is a green, economical and cost-effective solution for public transport as well as being increasingly popular. Worldwide there are 363 trolleybus systems with more than 40,000 vehicles. The Leeds NGT project is the first in the UK since trolleybuses disappeared in the 1960s.

Research at Loughborough University is investigating Novel Active Control of a Trolleybus Current Collection System (ACTCCS) for the new generation trolleybus. With solo pool and single overhead line ( two wires) as well as eccentric configuration, ACTCCS will improve trolley bus performance and remove unsightly webs of wires at crossroads.

Min's research is focusing on a unique hybrid-nonlinear dynamic catenary pantograph. He is using modelling and simulation techniques to identify the cause of the ‘bouncing’ phenomena that can lead to arcing and dewirement when the trolleybus is moving at high speed.

New generation trolleybus  Hybrid model of Active Control of a Trolleybus Current Collection System (ACTCCS)

Min Chen gained a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Sichuan TV University in China; He graduated as the Master degree (MRes) of Electronic System with distinction from Nottingham Trent University in 2011.

Min Chen worked for Brush Transformers Ltd. (BTL) as the Test Engineer and Specialist Engineer to develop new products. Two of his designs (BTL owned) have been applied the patents by BTL. Before studying in Loughborough University, Min Chen works at 2CM&ES Consultants as the Chief Designer and partial ownership as well as held several patents.

From end of 2002, Min Chen once carried out the wind power research in the University of Leicester as an Honour Academic Fellow for about two and half years.

Before moving to the UK, he worked for the second biggest hydro-electrical design and survey institutes of China; during his time in the institute, he got involved in many big projects in which one of them is the third biggest hydropower plant in the world. Min Chen also carried out the research of urban monorail system as a member of traffic planning team for Chengdu City in China.

Min Chen’s career has been across mechanical, electrical and electronic fields as well as Geophysical exploration; he is a qualified Senior Engineer as well.

Min CHEN, Tony ALLEN, A Novel Integrated Vacuum Tapping Interrupter, 22nd International Conference on Electricity Distribution, Stockholm, 10-13 June 2013