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Engineering Systems of Systems Research Group

The Engineering Systems of Systems (ESoS) group researches Complex Socio-technical Systems.

Focus - on the interoperability of, the sustainability of and the reconfigurability of complex socio-technical systems.

Aim - to improve the predictability and to enable the creation of usable Complex Socio-technical Systems.

Group Members

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Ongoing Projects

  • Health and prognostic assessment of railway assets for predictive maintenance
  • Knowledge management support for through life management of autonomous systems
  • Through-Life Enterprise Knowledge Management
  • Identification and evaluation of team attributes for particular missions
  • Managing knowledge for through life capability
  • Optimised selection of aircrew training media for future operations
  • Interoperability Management for Large Scale Enterprises
  • A Model-Based Approach to System of Systems Risk Management
  • Maintaining Systems-of-Systems Fit-For-Purpose
  • The Development of a Culture-based Tool to Predict Team Performance

Completed Projects:

  • Supporting Multi-Disciplinary Group Projects
  • iMGRC - Integrated model for the management of the complexity, risk and resilience of secure information infrastructure
  • Trans-Atlantic Research and Education Agenda in Systems of Systems (T-AREA-SoS)
  • Support Service Solutions: Strategy and Transition (S4T)
  • The KIM Grand Challenge
  • UMCS – Unified Modelling of Complex Systems
  • GEG – Good Engineering Governance
  • VORTICS – Virtual Organisational Rig for Testing and Investigating Company Structures
  • MTKn – Managing Tacit Knowledge in Design Reviews
  • Culture - Impact of Different Cultural Attribute Sets on Decision structures and interface
  • NECTISE – Network Enabled Capability Through Innovative Systems Engineering
  • The prediction of team performance