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24 Nov 2015

Repoint gets another award at Rail Exec Gala Dinner

A working model of the Repoint technology

Breakthrough technology developed by the University has won the Most Interesting Innovation at RailExec’s award ceremony meaning the most interesting idea or best use of an idea, device, method or process that their editors had seen in the UK Rail Industry in 2015.  

REPOINT is a breakthrough technology developed by the Control Systems Research Group which has the potential to revolutionise the global rail industry. It is a robust and reliable points mechanism developed by engineers at Loughborough, which will improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and boost capacity on the railways.

Supported by the UK Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), REPOINT is the result of work carried out with industry experts into improved switches to override track switch failures which can lead to train derailment.

Using safety concepts derived from aerospace and the nuclear industry, REPOINT corrects a failed switch through a patented arrangement of interlocking rail ends which incorporate a sliding arrangement similar to a breather switch. A lift and drop mechanism allows for expansion and provides an additional locking mechanism with virtually no friction losses.

The RailExec awards recognise the industry’s ‘Most Interesting’ projects and developments of the year. The award was presented at the Rail Exec Gala dinner, held on 19th November 2015 at the Roundhouse in Derby

To find out more about REPOINT, click here.