School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


10 Jul 2015

Lanxi wins the Sir Robert Martin Achievement Prize

Lanxi in the lab

We are delighted and proud that one of our most popular students is a recipient of this year's Sir Robert Martin Achievement Prize.

Lanxi Zhang is academically brilliant, by far the most academically gifted student in her year and well deserving of her First Class Honours award in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Dr Chinthana Panagamuwa recalls: ‘I had the pleasure of teaching Lanxi in my Circuits module during her first year.  She immediately struck me as being a highly intelligent, driven and dedicated student. She was unafraid to ask questions and demonstrated an incredible keenness to learn new concepts. She got 100% in the module and has never looked back.

“She's not only a gifted engineer: Lanxi is good natured, polite and a pleasure to teach.  She is very popular amongst her peers and well-liked by her tutors.  For a student so dedicated to academic studies, she has somehow managed a well-balanced social life with significant contributions to the community, and achievements in Enterprise.”

Lanxi has volunteered in Banardos in town, a campus Environment Day volunteer, helped other students through the Barclays Citizenship initiative and been an enthusiastic student guide and excellent ambassador for the School.

She also channeled her considerable energy into enterprise, setting up a small international business selling luxury goods to customers in her native China, using Sina micro-blog, the Chinese Facebook equivalent, to set up a website to advertise and trade. She had more than 400 followers and satisfied their appetite by negotiating with the managers of luxury stores to reserve exclusive items and provide a unique personal shopping service.

Dr Felipe Iza adds: I couldn’t be more pleased to see Lanxi’s talent and hard work recognised in this way and wish her every success in what I am sure is a very bright future.”

Lanxi will receive her award at the graduation ceremony on Tuesday 14th July.



The Sir Robert Martin Achievement Prize is awarded annually to outstanding students for a combination of academic and non-academic achievement. It has a value of £1,000.