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Dave Hewitt, Loughborough University, UK

Learner difficulties with algebra: are they really about algebra and do they really have to be difficult?


There have been several studies from the 1980s onwards which have identified difficulties that many learners have with algebra (e.g. Küchemann, 1981; Herscovics, 1989; Cooper et al., 1997). Yet some studies in the 2000s give a clear sense that relatively young learners can successfully work with algebraic situations (e.g. Carraher et al., 2001; Schliemann et al., 2003). So what is difficult about working algebraically? Are there other factors which affect success with algebraic tasks but which are not essentially algebraic in nature? In this talk I will present an argument that not all difficulties with algebra are to do with algebra, and that there may be more productive ways to go about teaching algebra than are commonly found in many school classrooms.

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