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The original content of these EVS webpages was taken (with minor editing) from the site produced by Amanda Bobyk and Hannah Jamieson during their summer internships in 2009 under the supervision of Carol Robinson. These pages are now maintained (and periodically updated) as a publicly available resource.

Electronic Voting Systems
EVS Home

This website provides resources for using Electronic Voting Systems (EVS) for mathematics.

There are many people starting to use EVS and one of the first tasks for these people is to write questions for the topics they teach. However there have been several projects, particularly in the USA, which have resulted in question banks being developed. This website gives links to some relevant material.

This website also provides over 300 mathematics questions which have been developed in the Mathematics Education Centre at Loughborough University. This website also provides links to some key papers, and websites which review papers, on the use of EVS in general and EVS in mathematics in particular.

The website was launched on 30th March 2010 with a one-day conference. Keynote speakers at this conference were Steve Draper, Glasgow University, and Mark Russell, the University of Hertfordshire. Steve's presentation is available on his website and here is a copy of Mark's presentation.

Other relevant websites include the TurningPoint website and the EVS UK academic group.

This resource has been developed with mini-project funding from sigma-cetl and this funding is gratefully acknowledged.

Queries regarding these EVS webpages should be directed to Carol Robinson.