Mathematical Sciences

Undergraduate study

A placement year is a chance to put what you have learned on your course into practice. It can provide excellent opportunities to gain real world experience and can also open up doors for your future. Below are some case studies from Department of Mathematics students who took advantage of our placement programme.

Grace McCalla

I can confidently say that my placement year was undoubtedly one of the best experiences and will prepare me for the competitive world of work.

Course: Mathematics with Economics

Placement: Jaguar Land Rover

How did you secure your placement?

"I started by researching companies offering placement programmes to applicants with a mathematical background. In some cases employers specified the degree they preferred the applicant to be studying and where it was Mathematics or Economics I felt this gave me a real advantage.

I then attended the Graduate and Placement Fair at Loughborough which was great. It gave me an insight into the roles previous placement students from my department had completed. This enabled me to target potential placement programmes that I felt would utilise my mathematical background, develop me personally and at the same time be interesting. I had the opportunity to speak to potential placement employers about their recruitment process and the sort of roles they offered which I found very useful.

I had not considered purchasing as a potential route and naively thought Jaguar Land Rover would only be interested in engineering students. However, after speaking to them at the fair I began to understand the diversity of the roles that were available. It was on their website that I noticed the purchasing job and after reading more I realised that the department would be somewhere I could showcase existing skills and develop new ones - I genuinely believed I could thrive in the role.

Before securing my placement I had amazing support from both the mathematics and placement departments. Firstly the maths department offered support through numerous mock assessment centres and numeracy practice tests. This supported me with several online assessments including the one I completed for Jaguar Land Rover. Secondly the placement department were extremely helpful in supporting me to edit and fine tune my CV until I finally felt confident that it was good enough to submit to employers. The changes I made, based upon their advice, really shaped my CV and helped me to secure my placement."

What kind of things did you get involved with during your placement year?

"Whilst working at Jaguar Land Rover my full job title was Construction Buyer. This role supported the wider department of Non Production Purchasing which is defined as the procurement/purchasing of goods and services that are not directly related to the vehicle. Within my realm of construction and depending on what procurement route was deemed the most appropriate, we could be purchasing anything from building materials to consultancy services.

I was given the opportunity to attend various courses, developing both my knowledge and skills as a buyer. After completing the initial training, my daily activities were heavily focused around project work, with values ranging from £5,000 to £100,000,000. In the early stages of my placement I had a crucial role in supporting my Senior Buyer with major construction projects. One of my team’s major projects was an expansion and redevelopment scheme. I was responsible for performing analysis work on the tender returns submitted by the contractors and this evidence was used in the decision-making process to appoint the main contractor. This gave me an opportunity to showcase the high standard of my work and also gave me an in-depth understanding of major project work and how my role sat within the team. Despite my lack of experience I played an integral role in one of the biggest construction projects within my department.

After building my confidence, skills and knowledge I was assigned my own project, valued at approximately £6 million. I used this opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge I had acquired and took ownership for its successful delivery. This was a redevelopment project therefore it was crucial that the design supported Jaguar Land Rover's brand and values. The project required me to perform detailed analysis of data to ensure I achieved the best value for money. As well as monitoring processes to ensure outcomes were delivered I also ensured I met key milestones whilst managing risks. The project involved collaborating with multiple stakeholders and effective communication was of upmost importance. Throughout the project I was mindful of the need to demonstrate integrity and transparency in order to uphold the reputation of Jaguar Land Rover.

As a Buyer, one of your key roles is to achieve value for money. One way to deliver this is through effective negotiations and this was an area of the job that I thoroughly enjoyed. From previous training, internally and externally, I was able to appreciate different tactics involved in negotiations - I also witnessed the application of game theory in a real-life scenario. I put this into practice with my own project which resulted in a saving of around 40% at the first stage of my project.

I also developed a website for the construction department to support colleagues throughout their projects. This site contained all the necessary tools and documents needed to deliver a project from conception to completion of a construction. I developed this site after receiving feedback from colleagues who'd had difficulties trying to locate documents for their project work. The help guide was designed to ensure all tools and documents were stored in one accessible area. I hoped the creation of this site would improve the efficiency of buyers as well as giving them the opportunity to refresh their knowledge. I have been advised that the help guide will be used for new starters to explain how construction projects work from stage 1 of conception all the way through to stage 7 of completion."

What do you feel you gained from completing a placement?

"My placement year equipped me with a variety of valuable skills. I wanted to develop my confidence during the placement year and working in a completely new environment within a global company provided a great opportunity to do this. I attended a presentation skills course which supported me to deliver my day to day work as well as equipping me with the necessary skills to deliver a presentation at the end of my placement. I applied everything I'd learnt when I delivered the presentation, which was a requirement of my course, and I received positive feedback for it.

For many students the year in industry is their first time in a proper working environment with real responsibilities - it's an opportunity to develop personally and network with influential people. This experience can make graduate applications really stand out, as you are far more employable following a placement year. After completing your placement year you may even be lucky enough to secure a graduate role, meaning that you can completely focus on your degree when you return for the final year. Furthermore, a placement year really helps with your daily routine and time management - which will support you in that crucial final year when your course become a lot more demanding."

What would you say to anyone considering a placement year?

"I would encourage any student to do a year in industry because it gives you the opportunity to personally develop, enhance and learn new skills whilst demonstrating positive behaviours in the workplace. I can confidently say that my placement year was undoubtedly one of the best experiences and will prepare me for the competitive world of work.

I would definitely recommend utilising the support and facilities that the Careers Network and your department have to offer. They are a great source of support and provide excellent opportunities to secure the placement you really want. Also make sure you don’t limit your search - initially I had not considered purchasing as a career, but my year spent as a buyer has turned out to be one of the best!

Use websites such as rate my placement to help you - they give different views and opinions of student placement years, as well as information on potential interview questions that were discussed/ asked. You can also create a profile with job sites such as Target Jobs, where you can specify the jobs that you are interested in and they will email you with the most suitable jobs."

Emma Patterson

My placement year grounded my career aspiration of teaching.

Emma Patterson conducted her placement at Ballyclare High School in Northern Ireland. During this time Emma worked alongside the Mathematics and Physical Education departments within the school, shadowing, assisting and leading in lessons, while also helping with day to day administration and running of the departments.

In July 2016 Emma accompanied students on a two-week school trip to Ethiopia.

Her placement tutor said:

"These outstanding achievements are a testament to her energy, enthusiasm and competence. Additionally, she was highly organised and efficient, as well as highly knowledgeable about aspects of teaching, learning and classroom management."

Her external tutor said towards the end of Emma's placement year: "Emma is an EXCELLENT student - I should say member of staff because she is to all intents just that." 

Emma told us: "My placement provided me with the opportunity to work day in day out with pupils in the Maths classroom to the hockey pitch, teaching and encouraging them whilst watching them gain confidence and knowledge. My placement year grounded my career aspiration of teaching. I gained experiences working 1 on 1 with pupils, to taking a group of sixth form to Ethiopia! Making a difference to pupils' studies, and their extra-curricular activities, whilst working alongside and learning from outstanding teachers, who gave me confidence to lead lessons on my own, is something I will be eternally grateful for!" 



Richard Farley

I valued my placement enormously.

Richard Farley took a placement at HM Revenue and Customs' Knowledge Analysis and Intelligence Unit in Liverpool.

His placement tutor says that Richard excelled in all the tasks assigned to him and that staff in the Unit were highly impressed with his delivery of the projects in which he was involved. They noted that he was able to apply statistical knowledge learnt through his studies to his project work and suggested techniques which could be of use. They also said that he exceeded the expected standard.

Richard says: "I have valued my placement experience enormously. The work I carried out was pertinent to national interests and thoroughly engaging. My managers were very enthusiastic about my development over the year and gave me the opportunities to gain a wide range of skills through formal training courses, including SAS and project management, as well as improving my presentation skills and communication with managers, colleagues and customers through my work. My placement was an immersive introduction and a true reflection of an analytical career in the public sector that I’d like to pursue."