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30 Jan 2014

Sir David Wallace Lecture

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University is launching a new series of annual lectures in Mathematics intended for a wide audience, including PhD students and Maths undergraduates. The proposed Sir David Wallace Lecture is named after the Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University, 1994-2006. The first Sir David Wallace Lecture will be given by

Sir Michael Atiyah (Edinburgh)

Solitons in Analysis, Geometry and Physics

Sir Michael Atiyah has many awards, including the most prestigious prizes in Mathematics: Fields Medal in 1966 and Abel Prize in 2004. He is also well-known to be truly exceptional speaker. The lecture will take place in room T003 at Loughborough University on 13 March 2014 at 5.15pm. Enquiries should be sent to Catherine Wright: