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The Department of Mathematical Sciences invites you to participate in Dynamics Day Europe conference at Loughborough University 3-7 September 2018.

Scientific Committee

David Elworthy (Warwick), Roger Grimshaw (Loughborough/UCL), Konstantin Khanin (Toronto), Carlangelo Liverani (Rome Tor Vergata) and Beatrice Pelloni (Heriot Watt).

Organising Committee

Andrew Archer, Wael Bahsoun, Gennady El, Anatoly Neishtadt, Alexander Veselov, Huaizhong Zhao

Plenary Speakers

  • Mark Ablowitz (Colorado, Boulder)
  • Viviane Baladi (IMJ-Paris)
  • Sylvie Benzoni -Gavage (Lyon)
  • Martin Hairer (Warwick)
  • Oliver Junge (Munich)
  • Edgar Knobloch (Berkeley)
  • Arkady Pikovsky (Potsdam)
  • Mary Silber (Chicago)
  • Dmitry Turaev (Imperial College)

1. Pattern formation: 6 minsymposia.

Organiser: Uwe Thiele (Münster)

  • Pattern formation in technological processes
  • Delayed-feedback control in Pattern Formation
  • Pattern formation in active media
  • Dynamics of patterning fronts
  • Patterns in heterogeneous media
  • Environmental patterns

2. Dynamical systems methods in fluid mechanics.

Organiser: Daniel Karrasch (Munich) and Kathrin Padberg-Gehle (Leuphana Universitätat Lüneburg)

3. Billiards: 7 minsymposia.

Organiser: Carl Dettmann (Bristol

  • Hyperbolic billiards, cusps and other singularities
  • Polygonal billiards and translation surfaces
  • The Lorentz gas, hard balls, di usion and other transport properties
  • Billiards with time-dependent boundaries and Fermi acceleration
  • Billiards with nontraditional re ection laws
  • Quantum/wave billiards and classical correspondence
  • Physical experiments and applications

4. Statistical mechanics.

Organiser: Valerio Lucarini (Hamburg/Reading)

5. Random dynamical systems (specifi c title to be confi rmed).

Organisers: Martin Rasmussen, Jeroen Lamb, Maximilian Engel (Imperial College)

6. Interfacial waves.

Organisers: Sergey Gavrilyuk (Marseille) and Ricardo Barros (Loughborough)

7. Dispersive hydrodynamics.

Organisers Mark Hoefer (Colorado, Boulder), Gennady El (Loughborough)

8. Nonlinear Schrödinger models and rogue waves.

Organisers: Alexander Tovbis (Central Florida), Pierre Suret (Lille)

9. Quantum chaos and semi-classical dynamics.

Organiser: Brian Winn (Loughborough)

10. Transition state theory.

Organiser: Thomas Bartsch (Loughborough)

11. Ergodic theory and dynamical systems.

Organisers: Marks Ruziboev (Loughborough), Charles Walkden (Manchester)

  • Statistical properties of chaotic dynamical systems
  • Stochastic stability of chaotic dynamical systems
  • Thermodynamic formalism
  • Fractal geometry
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