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Amy Trotman de Roux

Amy Trotman de Roux

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I started at Power-On in the summer of 2008 straight after graduating and have been there since. My first role was as a Tendering Engineer. I designed electricity distribution networks for industrial/commercial/high-density residential sites, sourced quotes for the equipment needed from suppliers, and put everything together to issue as a quotation to the customer. 6 months ago I moved more into sales to become a Business Development Manager. For this I contact and meet up with potential/existing customers to bring new enquiries and orders into the business. I also take part in a lot of networking events to promote the company’s services and my skills from Uni of approaching and working with new people really helps for this. I continue to work with the Tendering Engineers as part of my new role so my technical skills are still regularly challenged!

There are two major materials which are important to our business - copper and aluminium. As a business we regularly monitor the price of these in the commodities markets as it affects the overall price of our quotations. All the cable we lay in the ground contains different proportions of aluminium and copper. Due to the different thermal properties of the materials and their relative costs, we design networks to make sure we offer the customer the most cost efficient solution while meeting industry guidelines. We utilise data sheets to determine how much electrical load can be administered to a cable in different environmental conditions, including summer/winter ground temperatures and whether the cable is laid in a duct. For cables at higher risk of damage, eg where lorries will be driving over them regularly, we source cable with steel armour around the core which offers greater protection.

Power-On can accept any graduate with a technical/science/maths based degree as they provide extensive training on electrical theory. I found that although we don’t design the cables/switchgear equipment ourselves, there are plenty of areas where knowledge of materials helped me as a Tendering Engineer. This isn’t an industry anyone ever thinks of going into but there are so many different projects with individual factors that you work on, all of which require lots of strategic and logical thinking that will really challenge you - it means no day or project ever ends up being the same.

Loughborough offers lots of opportunities and although it is known for being a sports uni, there are many other activities to get involved in. I joined the gliding club and went to the “Hour of Power” fitness class which was great fun. We always enjoyed going to the comedy nights at the union and the banter at the JC’s pub quiz is unbeatable! I also got involved with mentoring at a local school through Action which was just one of many community projects available. There were so many opportunities to meet so many different people that no matter what you decide to take part in or who with there is something for everyone.


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