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Department of Materials

People in the department

Staff working in the department of materials

Name Job Title Telephone Email

Dean of School

Professor Chris Rielly 01509 222504 Email

Head of Department

Professor Gary Critchlow Professor of Surface and Interface Science 01509 222949 Email

Academic staff

Dr Ali Ansarifar Senior Lecturer 01509 223159 Email
Dr Xujin Bao Senior Lecturer 01509 223150 Email
Dr Jamieson Christie Lecturer 01509 223153 Email
Dr Jane Clarke Lecturer Polymer Science and Technology 01509 223154 Email
Mr Barry Haworth Reader in Polymer Engineering 01509 223336 Email
Dr Rebecca Higginson Reader in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 01509 223161 Email
Dr Simon Hogg Senior Lecturer 01509 223332 Email
Dr Mark Jepson Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy & Microscopy 01509 223169 Email
Professor Steven Kenny Professor of Mathematical and Computational Modelling 01509 222860 Email
Dr Simon Martin Senior Lecturer 01509 228521 Email
Dr Ignacio Martin-Fabiani Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow 01509 228670 Email
Dr Elisa Mele Senior Lecturer - Biomaterials 01509 228595 Email
Professor Sanjay Rastogi Professor of Polymer Technology 01509 223156 Email
Dr Sara Ronca Senior Lecturer 01509 564848 Email
Dr Sina Saremi Yarahmadi Lecturer - Functional Ceramics 01509 223189 Email
Professor Mo Song Professor of Polymer Science and Nanotechnology 01509 223160 Email
Dr Noreen Thomas Reader in Polymer Science and Technology 01509 223334 Email
Professor Rachel Thomson Professor of Materials Engineering 01509 223155 Email
Dr Yau Yau Tse Lecturer 01509 223221 Email
Professor Bala Vaidhyanathan Professor of Advanced Materials and Processing 01509 223152 Email
Professor Geoff Wilcox Professor of Surface Engineering and Corrosion 01509 223173 Email
Dr Helen Willcock Lecturer 01509 223432 Email
Dr Houzheng Wu Reader 01509 223342 Email
Dr Hongtao Zhang Lecturer 01509 223541 Email

Retired academic staff

Dr Dick Heath Senior Lecturer 01509 223337 Email
Professor Roy Faulkner Professor of Physical Metallurgy 01509 223153 Email
Professor David Gabe Emeritus Professor 01509 223339 Email
Professor Marianne Gilbert Emeritus Professor 01509 223158 Email
Professor Doug Hourston Emeritus Professor 01509 223223 Email
Dr Leno Mascia Reader 01509 223339 Email

Visiting academic staff

Dr Abdulsatter Yousef Dawood Visiting Academic Email
Dr Richard Frampton Academic Visitor - Design School 01509 226936 Email
Professor Scott Lockyer Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in Advanced Materials Email
Dr Ian Sutherland Academic Visitor - Chemistry 01509 222560 Email
Professor Josealdo Tonholo Academic Visitor 01509 223335 Email

Teaching staff

Mr Roland Higginson Part-time Lecturer 07966 786889 Email
Dr Rasoul Khandan University Teacher 01509 222522 Email
Ms Pascale Taylor English Language Teacher 01509 223544 Email

Administrative and support staff

Mrs Lucia Ashley Student Support Administrator 01509 223387 Email
Mrs Lynn Braham Finance and Support Team Manager 01509 227222 Email
Mrs Ann Cage Finance Support Administrator 01509 228442 Email
Mr Tom Carslake School Operations Manager 01509 227206 Email
Miss Ann Courtenay-Smith Student Support Administrator 01509 227220 Email
Mrs Dawn Dawson Student Team Manager 01509 223338 Email
Mrs Bonnie Erdelyi-Betts Student Support Administrator 01509 227286 Email
Ms Ginny Franklin Academic Librarian 01509 222374 Email
Ms Lisa Gregory Student Support Administrator 01509 223329 Email
Mrs Janet Hague Student Support Coordinator 01509 222502 Email
Ms Debbie Halliday Student Support Administrator 01509 223172 Email
Mrs Charlotte Hammond Finance Administrator School of AACME 01509 227310 Email
Mrs Emma Jackson Support Administrator - Head of Department and Finance 01509 222527 Email
Miss June Lennie School Research Administrator 01509 223331 Email
Mr Malcolm Newbitt Materials Placements Administrator 01509 223165 Email
Ms Anna Norris +441509227656 Email
Miss Samantha Sharp Student Support Administrator 01509 223151 Email
Mrs Pat Storer PA to Professor Chris Reilly, Dean, School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering 01509 223321 Email
Miss Hannah Sutcliffe Student Support Coordinator 01509 223340 Email
Mr Martin White School Projects Manager 01509 228592 Email
Ms Sue Zhou IT Systems Manager 01509 228520 Email

Technical staff

Mr Trevor Atkinson Laboratory Technician 01509 223166 Email
Miss Rhiannon Buckton LMCC Placement Student Email
Mr Mac Callender Technician 01509 223167 Email
Mr Sam Davis Analytical Instrumentation Technician Apprentice 01509 223318 Email
Mr Scott Doak Director: Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre (LMCC) 01509 223314 Email
Mrs Sarah Fay Laboratory Technician 01509 228597 Email
Mr Giuseppe Forte Technician 01509 564848 Email
Mr Shaun Fowler Technician 01509 223333 Email
Mr Michael Graysmark Engineering Apprentice 01509 228466 Email
Mr David Insley Workshop Supervisor 01509 223167 Email
Mr Mike Kemp Technician 01509 223167 Email
Dr Joanne Kirk Technician 01509 223542 Email
Dr Ryan MacLachlan Research Development Officer Email
Mr Ray Owens Chief Technician 01509 223157 Email
Miss Dawn Spencer STEMLab Laboratory Coordinator 01509 223222 Email
Mr Andrew Woolley Technician 01509 223174 Email
Dr Keith Yendall Senior Experimental Officer 01509 223319 Email
Dr Zhaoxia Zhou Research Fellow 01509 223163 Email

Research staff

Dr David Allen Research Associate - Creep Modelling of Power Plant Steel Email
Dr Mark Ashworth Research Associate 01509 223335 Email
Dr George Chi Tangyie Research Associate Email
Mr Dan Child Email
Professor John Comyn Senior Visiting Research Fellow 01509 223387 Email
Mrs Pat Cropper Research Associate to the LMCC 01509 564747 Email
Dr David Grandy Visiting Research Fellow 01509 223164 Email
Mr Juntao Guo Email
Dr Dave Hitt Research Fellow 01509 223341 Email
Mr Han Jiang Research Associate Adv Hex Chrome Free Surface Tech for Corrosion Protection Email
Dr Jie Jin Research Associate of Professor Mo Song 01509 223168 Email
Dr Nimitray Joshi Research Associate Synthetic Biology for Materials Manufacture Email
Dr Mudith Karunaratne Research Associate of Professor Rachel Thomson 01509 223335 Email
Dr Annapoorani Ketharam Research Associate 01509 223169 Email
Dr Benjamin Maerz Research Associate 01509 228656 Email
Ms Sebnem Pehlivan Davis Research Associate 01509 263171 Email
Dr Carole Raymond Visiting Research Fellow 01509 223341 Email
Mr Xu Xu Post Doc Research Associate in characterization of power plant materials Email
Dr Sabrina Yan Research Associate 01509 222456 Email

PhD Students

Mr George Alliott PhD Student Email
Mr Suaad Alsawafi PhD Student Email
Miss Caroline An PhD Student Email
Mr Aashu Anshuman PhD Student Email
Mr Gianluca Balzamo Research Student 07426402934 Email
Miss Vicky Beattie Email
Mr Peter Beck PhD Student 01509 263171 Email
Mr Thomas Berki PhD Student 01509 304291 Email
Mr Charles Brooker PhD Student Email
Miss Yumeng Chen PhD Student Email
Mr Josh Chew PhD Student Email
Miss Sara Costa PhD Student Email
Mr Robert Crookes PhD Student Email
Ms Yasmin Daher PhD Student Email
Mr Eason Deng PhD Student Email
Mr Yuliang Dong PhD Student Email
Mr Stavros Drakopoulos PhD Student Email
Mr Bruno Duran Rey PhD Student Email
Mr Muhammad Farooq PhD Student Email
Mr Tingrui Fu PhD Student Email
Mr Avishek Ghosh PhD Student Email
Mr Yuchen Gu PhD Student 01509 263171 Email
Mr Jingcheng Guan PhD Student Email
Mr Daniel Haspel PhD Student Email
Ms Sian Higlett PhD Student Email
Mr Chao Huang Email
Mr Charles Jackson PhD Student Email
Miss Laura Jinks PhD Student Email
Mr Rohit Kale PhD Student Email
Mr Ioannis Kouparitsas PhD Student Email
Ms Vicky Lay PhD Student Email
Ms Maria Lukic PhD Student Email
Mr Constantine J Marlas PhD Student Email
Mr John Macdonald PhD Student Email
Mr James Mcgladdery PhD Student Email
Miss Siti Radiah Mohd Kamarudin PhD Student Email
Mr Alexander Mullin PhD Student Email
Mr Gregory Murray PhD Student Email
Ms Emma Murrell PhD Student Email
Mr Avias Nare PhD Student Email
Ms Helen Pearson PhD Student Email
Mr Will Philpott PhD Student Email
Mr Avinash Prabakar Email
Mr Stuart Robertson PhD Student Email
Mr William Rowlands PhD Student Email
Mr Oliver Scaife PhD Student Email
Mr Saad Sheikh PhD Student Email
Mr John Siefert PhD Student Email
Mr Oscar Stephenson PhD Student Email
Ms Bowen Tan PhD Student Email
Mr Lorenzo Tinari PhD Student Email
Miss Adja Toure PhD Student Email
Mr Zainudin Umar PhD Student Email
Miss Peangpatu Wongwiwattana PhD Student Email
Mr Mark Wootton PhD Student Email
Mr Liang Wu PhD Student Email
Mr Jason Wu PhD Student Email
Ms Yujin Yang PhD Student Email
Mr Michael Young PhD Student Email
Mr Teku Zakwan Zaeimoedin PhD Student Email
Miss Wanwei Zhang PhD Student Email
Mr Jia Wei Zhao Email
Mr Pengxiang Zheng PhD Student 01509 263171 Email


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