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Working with our students

Materials engineers working on the new Jaguar XJ

We offer fantastic opportunities for companies to tap into a valuable pool of new talent and interact with students while they are still studying.

There are several established ways to get involved with our students and we believe all of them offer a win-win-win situation: for the students, the business and the department.

There are three main mechanisms for this

  • The DIS industrial work placement scheme
  • Sponsored undergraduate projects
  • Sponsored postgraduate projects

There is the added benefit that our graduates have a qualification you can trust. All the undergraduate and postgraduate taught  students in our department are working towards a degree fully accredited by The Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

The industrial work placement scheme is probably the most familiar option and about 50% of our students undertake a one-year industrial placement, or ‘sandwich year’ Many of the companies who  offer placements to our students have done so for many years testifying to the benefits and the success of the programme.

“Loughborough placement students have consistently made excellent contributions to Jaguar Land Rover technical projects and investigations into current and future products. In parallel, the individuals have developed new skills and put into practice their academic knowledge.”

Andrew Haggie, Manager, Materials Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

We are always in need of high-quality relevant placements, so if you would like to find out more about offering a placement, please contact our DIS Placement Co-ordinator, who will explain what is required and the support your company will receive.

You can also download further information from the links below:

Information for potential employers

Guide to Industrial Placements

DIS Placement Co-ordinator
Dr Bala Vaidhyanathan
Telephone: +44(0)1509 223152
Email: b.vaidhyanathan@lboro.ac.uk

One of the most cost effective ways companies can interact with our students and get the benefit of a supervised piece of research on their chosen topic, is to sponsor a student project.

In many cases they are the best way for the department to offer smaller scale research projects to companies where a full PhD project would be too big. Sometimes these projects come out of work that one of our students has done at a company as part of a one year placement. Sometimes the projects come out of long term collaborations between staff in the department and a company.

Students working on projects get access to the full range of characterisation equipment within the department as well as support from academic, technical, and research staff. We also actively encourage the sponsoring company to play some part in the supervision and marking of these projects.

Depending on the nature of the required investigation/research, companies will be advised whether an undergraduate or postgraduate(MSc) project is most appropriate. In the first instance enquiries should be made to either of the project co-ordinators.

Undergraduate Project Co-ordinator

Dr Simon Martin
Telephone: +44(0)1509 228521
Email: s.j.martin@lboro.ac.uk

Postgraduate Project Co-ordinator

Dr Jane Clarke
Telephone: +44(0)1509 223154
Email: j.clarke@lboro.ac.uk

The cost of these projects vary from a contribution of expertise and necessary materials, up to approx £5000 dependant on project level and outcome. For some projects it may be beneficial for students to do some of the work at the sponsoring company which may require travel and accommodation costs to be met. Also the additional cost of any special supplies and materials necessary will need to be covered.


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