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Welcome to the Transport Safety Research Centre!

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to Loughborough University’s Transport Safety Research Centre website. TSRC’s expertise lies in conducting world-leading research into road safety and in teaching the future generations the skills and excellence required to do so.

Professor Pete Thomas, Director


Traffic crashes have a tragic impact on peoples' lives with immense consequences for society and reducing road casualties is a high priority for the ‎European Commission and National EU Governments. Over 38,000 road users died in 2008 in Europe alone and a further 1.2 million people were injured - at an estimated cost of over €160 billion for 15 EU countries. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to reducing traffic casualties and we conduct world-leading basic and applied research to understand the causes of crashes and to propose safety measures.

The diverse range of research that the TSRC undertakes in traffic safety and transport technologies was reflected in its change of name from ‘Vehicle’ to ‘Transport’ Safety Research Centre in 2010.

Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team of 15 staff and post-graduate researchers conduct research all aspects of road and vehicle safety and the behaviour of road users based on real-world accident studies, naturalistic studies of driver behaviour and statistical analysis of accident, health and mobility data.

The Queen's Anniversary Prize

Loughborough University was awarded The Queen's Anniversary Prize in 2007 in recognition of TSRC’s dedication to excellence.

Our Clients include Governments, the European Commission and Industry and our work impacts directly on the development of road and vehicle safety policies and the performance requirements of new vehicles.

What we do

We examine the causes of road accidents and peoples' injuries to measure the effectiveness of safety and mobility technologies. This data is compiled, analysed and interpreted to provide the essential evidence and knowledge that creates the foundation that Governments need for developing successful and effective road safety policies and the Industry needs for improving transport products and services Our applied and basic research is published widely in reports and papers. 

Our research has broadened to include the performance of vehicle safety systems, the relationship between highway characteristics and the causes of accidents, the impact of accidents on people’s health and the influences that affect the behaviour of road users.

The TSRC has developed new naturalistic methods to observe driver behaviour which are now used to examine driver risks in normal driving as well as the functionality and impact of driver support systems. We use controlled fleet trials to evaluate the impact and user acceptance of new intelligent transport technologies and new vehicle propulsion systems.

Our Resources and Research Collaborations

We offer our Clients a unique set of safety data and experimental facilities that provide a powerful basis for a wide range of research studies.

We are able to access a wide range of national accident datasets through our international partners. Data available directly within the Centre include:

1.  In-depth accident data

2.  Macroscopic accident data

3.  Experimental facilities

Frame from accident investigation scanner video

We can access a wide range of experimental resources including an instrumented proving ground, driving simulators and other equipment, working with our international partners.

4.  TSRC’s Instrumented car

Our instrumented car is directly available for research studies:   

5.  Laser scanning equipment

In-depth accident investigations are enhanced by the use of laser scanning equipment to record scene and crashed vehicle information for subsequent measurement and analysis.

6.  Research Collaborations

Added to the wide range of research conducted by TSRC’s skilled researchers, is our expertise in assembling the specific combinations of research capabilities and resources that many areas of research require by working with several organisations with whom we have excellent working relations.

7.  International Scope

Much of our research is collaborative, therefore, and we routinely work with partners in Australia, Brazil, India - as well as the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium and other EU countries.

8.  Inter-disciplinary Research Groups

We can also bring together expertise from a wide range of research groups from across Loughborough University to participate in new projects. We work closely with:

9.  Research Consortia

The Centre can assemble research consortia to conduct a very wide range of studies, including arranging contracting or sub-contracting. Many many studies are conducted within the EU Framework Programmes, whose requirements we thoroughly familiar with.

10.  Benefitting the International Community

TSRC contributes to the European Road Safety Observatory’s efforts to disseminate leading-edge research and knowledge on road safety to benefit and support the road and transport safety community internationally and to reaffirm the case for continued European efforts in this area.

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