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Digital Modelling

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DiD - digital industrial design

Case study workflow of an entirely digital strategy for industrial design practice.

Dr Mark Evans, Dr Ian Graham, Dr Eujin Pei, Professor Dave Cheshire

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Concrete Innovation

Action research project exploring creative opportunities for street furniture inspired by 3D concrete printing. Video summary identifies the 3D concrete printing process, design activity, model outcomes, project exhibition and conclusions.

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Design Process

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Supporting collaboration and understanding between industrial designers and engineering designers.

Dr Mark Evans, Dr Eujin Pei, Dr Ian Campbell

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ID Site

Identifies the capacity of design tools to deliver 5 key characteristics: Transformational Ability, Level of Ambiguity, Level of Detail, Level of Commitment, Modes of Communication.

Dr Mark Evans, Dr James Self

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iD Cards (iPhone/Android apps)

A taxonomy of design representations used by industrial designers with 32 types of sketch, drawing, model and prototype that identifies when they are used and for what types of information (iPhone/Android apps).

Dr Mark Evans, Dr Eujin Pei

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PDF of iD Cards

Downloadable pdf showing the iD Cards

Dr Mark Evans, Dr Eujin Pei

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DPR Case Studies

Case studies in the use of visually creative design practice to support data collection.

Dr Mark Evans

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Emerging Technologies

Concrete bench
Fly Ash 3D Concrete Printed Bench

Future scenario for street furniture manufactured on-site to reduce ‘product miles’. Industrial design bench concept inspired by 3D concrete printing using fly ash waste from coal-fired power stations.


Dr Mark Evans

Sustainable 3D Concrete Printing Bench Concept

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