Jo Hickman Dunne

Photo of  Jo Hickman Dunne

Postgraduate Research Student

PhD Topic/Title: People, Place, Process: Pedagogy and Citizenship in the Outward Bound Trust and the Geographies of Outdoor Education


My research focuses on the social development of young people through outdoor education. This PhD is motivated by the increasing desire to produce socially and emotionally healthy young people who will become contributing citizens, and the rise of outdoor learning as a means of achieving these ‘citizenly’ outcomes. My case study is the Outward Bound Trust; I am particularly interested in the physical geographies of their centres, and how specific 'British' natures/landscapes are used as part of the Trust’s pedagogy to produce the outdoor learning experience. To-date there are limited exploratory studies of the particular physical environments of outdoor education programmes and how and in what ways participants’ experience, and are impacted by these. This is an area calling out for more vigorous empirical study.