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3. Model of the River Tawe catchment at Ynystanglws, Dr Louise Slater

The River Tawe at Ynystanglws is a 230km2 catchment located a few kilometres upstream from Swansea in Wales. Streamflow data from the Tawe catchment are very regularly measured and made publicly available online in the National River Flow Archive. As a geomorphologist, I use these time series to understand how the river channel capacity has been changing over the past 60 years and how that affects the flood risk. As a hydro-climatologist, I also use information from satellites and climate models to predict how changes in the land cover (e.g., urban area or vegetation) and climate are likely to affect streamflow over the coming months and years. The Tawe is just one example of many river catchments where I try to model and forecast changing water hazards over time.

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