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26. Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box Babygrow, Dr Helena Pimlott-Wilson and Dr Allan Watson

The ways families spend their time has changed dramatically. Playing out in the neighbourhood is declining and parents often spend time ferrying children to extra-curricular activities. Family raves are an emerging environment, which combine the interests of children and adults. Our babygrow represents this coming together of children with dance moves associated with the 1980s rave scene of their parents’ generation. Family raves are daytime events featuring children’s entertainers, craft stalls, baby areas and famous DJs in museums, nightclubs and arts venues across the UK; a far cry from the 1980s rave scene of illegal, underground events.

Our research is situated within the field of Geographies of Children, Youth and Families and explores ideas of play, safety and risk; how parents and children interact and the role of family raves in approaches to parenting.

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