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Virtual Cabinet of Curiosities

19. Phonograph wax cylinder and iPod, Dr Allan Watson

As a geographer and a lover of music, I am interested in the spaces and places in which people create and consume music. Music is something which permeates our everyday lives; in our homes, in the car, in a pub or at a festival, even in an elevator, and music geographies have become a significant field of academic enquiry.

The two objects on show here, an Edison ‘Gold Moulded’ phonograph wax cylinder disc, and an Apple iPod, demonstrate how technologies of music listening have evolved. This has fundamentally altered our engagement with music. We can now take huge libraries of music with us wherever we go, selecting songs based upon our moods and emotions, and importantly to reflect our surroundings. My recent research has considered the ways in which mobile music listening is changing our emotional relationship with urban space.

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