Virtual Cabinet of Curiosities

18. Field herbarium, Sophia Clark-Ioannou, Undergraduate student, 2014-2017

This is my personal herbarium field book which documents the plant species of focus in my undergraduate dissertation research.

My dissertation involved undertaking vegetation surveys of soil patches within granite outcrops, in South-Western Australia, to determine the drivers of plant community processes. Whilst in the field, I collected a sample of each perennial plant species I surveyed, I then numbered it and pressed it into this notebook. As I undertook plant identification in a completely new floristic environment this personal herbarium was a great way for me to gain familiarity to the flora of South-West Australia. A total of 8,201 non-geophytic perennials across 65 species representing 19 orders and 24 families were recorded from 159 plots on nine granite outcrops. This herbarium captures the floristic diversity of the amazing biodiversity hotspot that is South-West Australia.