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Virtual Cabinet of Curiosities

1. Newsweek cover NY-LON, Michael Hoyler

In November 2000, Newsweek magazine published an article entitled ‘The NY-LON Life’. The item drew attention to the increasing interconnectedness between the world’s dominant international financial centres, New York and London, and their growing transatlantic economic elites, ‘living, working and playing in the two cities as if they were one’. The phenomenon observed by the journalists is only one aspect of how cities across the world have become firmly interlinked in globalisation.

My research focuses on conceptualising and analysing these relations at a variety of scales, from the global to the city-regional. This involves the study of ‘global city makers’ such as financial services, corporate law firms or management consultancies as well as differentiated mappings of the changing and unequal geographies of globalised urbanisation.

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