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Barbara Bagilhole Memorial Prize Winner: Emma Bates (Geography)

Geography is delighted to be the home to the inaugural winner of the Barbara Bagilhole Memorial Best Student Paper Award in Equality and Diversity: Emma Bates, second year undergraduate student in Geography.

Emma recently received her award certificate and £100. Competition for the award was very strong, and the committee therefore also acknowledged the high quality of work submitted by two runner-ups, Katherine Eaton (Social Sciences) and Daniella Genillard (PHIR). Many thanks to the prize awarding committee, Dr Marc Scully (SS), Dr Sophie Cranston (Geography) and Dr Robert Knight (PHIR) for their excellent work as the first ever judges for the Barbara Bagilhole Award. In their decision-letter, the judges wrote: 

“The judges enjoyed reading through and discussing the submissions for the inaugural Barbara Bagilhole prize and were impressed by the overall quality of the essays. The prize is awarded to Emma Bates for her essay on the importance of positionality, politics and philosophy in shaping the geographical study of gender and youth. We felt that this essay demonstrated an impressive command of the relevant literature which was cogently organised around a clear argument. Furthermore, we were impressed by the advanced theoretical understanding evident in the essay, and the distinct authorial voice that emerged.”