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Colloquium on Antennas, Wireless and Electromagnetics
29 May 2013

A free one-day IET event. All welcome
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Maglev – a 21st century transportation technology?
17 April 2013

Maglev is a seemingly magical concept. Can it be the future of transport?
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Commercialisation of Solar Research and Development
24 April 2013

Despite the recent overcapacity of photovoltaic module production, the extraordinary growth of the world Solar Energy market is creating new opportunities.
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CREST is 20!
5 July 2013

CREST is celebrating its 20th birthday in style! A full day of activities to mark the occasion, look back at what has been achieved and look forward to the challenges to come. Make sure you don't miss it!
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IET talk: Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch
19 February 2013

Find out about aircraft carrier launch techniques, their evolution, development and current research
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The fatal attraction of wind turbines
24 November 2010

Can things be as bad as they are painted?
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Smart Move
24 November 2010

You’ve heard of smart phones and smart cars, well here’s a smart move – stay on after completing your MSc and make smart bricks! That’s what Nidal Qasem is doing. He’s now in the middle of his PhD at Loughborough, sponsored by Al-Ahliyya Amman University in Jordan.
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The Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference
11 November 2013

11th - 12th November, 2013
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Cooperative Communication Researcher Honoured
1 November 2012

The UK has significant educational links with the Gulf region, and approximately 20,000 Saudi students study here each year. Nearly 17,000 of these, studying from Bachelors up to Doctorate level, are sponsored by the Saudi Government, many of them beneficiaries of the King Abdullah Scholarship programme, which sponsors qualified Saudis to study in the best universities around the world.
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CREST Wind Power Summer School Monday 1st July - Thursday 4th July, 2013
1 July 2013

With global wind power capacity now standing at over 120,000MW, the industry continues to expand rapidly.
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Double award for wind energy prediction
4 January 2013

How do forests affect the potential wind energy resource? A first year PhD Student studying this topic has been awarded a prize for best presentation by the Wind Engineering Society.
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Signal Processing for Diagnostic Medicine
12 September 2013

How can we apply signal processing techniques to monitor fetuses using ultrasound techniques?
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Signal Processing for Structural Health Monitoring in Aircraft
12 September 2013

Composite materials used in aerospace are typically light and strong, but are susceptible to internal damages with little or no external evidence. How can signal processing help?
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The Illusion of Model Based Systems Engineering
11 September 2013

A presentation that will inform, entertain and provoke. If you use system modelling, don't miss this!
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Steampunk System of Systems Engineering
28 November 2013

An entertaining look at the evolution of the British railway system through the lens of capability and systems of systems. Everyone welcome!
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SoC Development in Imagination Technology
12 February 2014

Enzo D'Alessandro on the challenges to traditional SoC paradigms.
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INCOSE UK talk : From IED's to bovine TB
29 May 2014

From IED's to bovine TB: Applying Systems Methods to Real World Problems
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What is the value of Systems Engineering?
16 October 2014

Award-winning lecture from Visiting Professor
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2nd Workshop Energy Generation of PV Systems 2014
29 September 2014

Photovoltaics has seen a substantial rise in installations world-wide. The resulting investment is significant and demands due diligence from engineers of its systems.
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Transforming the Enterprise Using a Systems Approach
3 November 2014

How can Enterprise Systems Engineering help modern enterprises survive? Come and find out in this special guest talk.
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Approaches to distributed decision making – networks and dynamics
10 November 2014

How do people make group decisions when they are using different technologies, operating in different social networks and have different information?
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Measure for Measure: Changing the International System of Measurement Once and Forever
22 January 2015

The International System of Units is about to change. One of the world's top temperature measurement scientists explains.
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