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Yang has a strong background in design practice. He got his Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from School of Design, Nanjing University of the Arts, China (09/1999-07/2003) with distinction awards and holds a Master’s Degree in Design Project from School of design, Northumbria University, at Newcastle upon Tyne (09/2006-02/2008). He also graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, (09/2003-07/2006) in landscape design.


Yang has over eight years teaching experience as a design lecturer in College of Art and Design, Nanjing Forestry University (NFU), China (2008-now) with expertise in teaching final year design students in the team, combination and collaboration. He is one of the members of Academic Committee in College of Art and Design, NFU responding to set up objectives and outlines of courses for study and develop curriculum. He also holds the management position in Communication of International Schools. Much of his recent work has centred on promoting design students’ creativity through teaching.

Design PracticeResearch group , Design Education

Yang is currently undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University with a key interest in enhancing design students’ capacity of creativity at the stage of design problem formulation. His research will be built up on the perspective that metacognition plays a critical role in improving creativity. The aim of his research is to provide an explicit introduction on metacognition for both design lecturer and student to improve the effectiveness of learning at this stage, so that achieve fostering creativity.

Developing a Framework of Explicit Metacognition Inventory for Improving Creativity in Design Education

Key areas of expertise: Strong background in design education, such as foundation design education, design methodology, research principle, design creativity, landscape design, and interior design. Experienced in drawing, grant writing, development of programme, and management.