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Sophia Tetteh Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

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PhD Student

Sophia holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation in Biomechanics from Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as well as a BSc in Biomedical Engineering with a specialisation in Biomechanics and Human Performance from the same University. 

Sophia has extensive experience in both academia and industry. She has worked as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Ghana teaching undergraduate biomedical engineering modules. Furthermore, she has also worked in industry both in Ghana and in the USA working on the development of mechanical spinal implants.   

Research group: Design for Digital Fabrication.

Sophia is currently undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University and currently being sponsored by the Schlumberger Foundation, Faculty for the Future grant. Her research interest is developing prostheses (maxillofacial prostheses) for specialised environments such as developing countries.  The aim of her research is to create design specification guidelines for specialised environments; development of novel materials to overcome some of the current shortcomings of materials currently in usage and develop a fabrication process that can be employed in these specialised environments  

Prof. Richard Bibb

Dr. Simon Martin

Approaches to maxillofacial prostheses development in developing countries

Key areas of expertise: design, biomedical engineering, medical device, prostheses, human factors, biomechanics, materials, innovative healthcare, manufacturing processes.