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Rui Leitão Master of Arts

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PhD Student

Rui is a communication designer and his work spans from print to interactive displays. He is concerned with how media communicates with people in order to inform, educate, and engage them. He was the artistic director and founder of Patchwork studio communication design where he developed projects in the areas of web design, corporate branding, graphic design and illustration.

Rui holds a master's degree in Graphic and Audiovisual Expression from the Open University in Portugal and a master's degree in Design and Multimedia Production from the University of Barcelona. He also holds a four year BA in Communication Design from Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Matosinhos, Portugal.



Rui's research is in the field of education technologies, with particular interest in gamification in science teaching and learning.

Although research has looked into the benefits of games for learning, studies ignore the kind of game elements that work best in an educational context. Rui's project investigates the game mechanics that are most suitable to improve learning outcomes in science.

Dr Martin Maguire & Sarah Turner

Ocean literacy in early secondary education

Communication Design, Design Thinking, Game Design, Gamification, Educational Technologies