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Dr Peter Howarth

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Senior Lecturer

Peter Howarth started his working life as an Optometrist (Ophthalmic Optician) before returning to academia.

Following his MSc. in Ergonomics, and a period working at the Institute for Consumer Ergonomics, he moved to USA and subsequently received a PhD in Physiological Optics from the University of California at Berkeley.

His doctoral research investigated human factors of lighting (pupillary responses to flickering lights) at the Lawrence Berkeley Lighting Laboratory.  Following this, he took up his current position at Loughborough.

He is on the Editorial Board of the journal "Displays", of which he has previously been Human Factors Editor.  He contributed the chapter on vision and lighting to the standard Ergonomics text  "Evaluation of Human Work" edited by Wilson and Sharples.”

His research is centred around comfort, health and performance aspects of Visual Ergonomics, and he organised VIMS2013 (Visual IMage Safety) which was held in Stratford upon Avon in September 2013.

Semester 1

  • DSA105 Introduction to Ergonomics
  • DSA111 Study Skills
  • DSB103 Vision
  • DSP105 Health Effects of Environmental Stressors

Semester 2

  • DSA104 Introduction to Environmental Ergonomics
  • DSB502 Human Factors in System Design B
  • DSC113 Applied Vision
  • DSP104 Environmental Ergonomics

Semester 1 and 2

  • DSC502 Human Factors in Systems Design C
  • DS1002 Professional Training Placement (Ergs) DPS
  • DSC100 Projects
  • DSC350 Projects

Research Group: Environmental Ergonomics (Visual Ergonomics Research).

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