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Nye Canham MSc Ergonomics and Human Factors

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PhD Student

Nye holds an MSc in Ergonomics and Human Factors from Loughborough University. He has held research positions in the areas of human performance and maritime life support at QinetiQ, with the majority of projects for the defence sector.  He has also previously worked within health assessments at Bupa and as a communication systems specialist for the British Army.


His current research interests are within healthcare, particularly the areas of patient safety, patient experience and service design

Research group: Human Factors and Complex Systems.

Nye is currently undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University and is a member of the Service Design CDT. His research interest is in the integration of expert-led and participatory Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) approaches in healthcare quality improvement and patient safety work.

The aim of his research is to provide guidance on the application of participatory HFE and systems approaches to healthcare quality improvement. He is interested in the balance between input from method experts (Human Factors specialists) and domain experts (healthcare staff and patients). The research follows a multiple case study design and he is working with local healthcare partners from the National Health Service.

Dr Thomas Jun
Mr Andy Selby

Participatory systems approaches for healthcare quality improvement and patient safety

Key areas of expertise: Human Factors and Ergonomics, Service Design, human performance