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Nicole Coull First class BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science MSc by Research (MRes) in Environmental Physiology

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PhD Student

Nicole studied at the University of Bedfordshire where she graduated with a First Class Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science and gained a Master’s degree (MRes) in Environmental Physiology. Her previous research projects focused on the effect of tyrosine ingestion on physical and cognitive performance during heat stress.

Research group: Environmental Ergonomics


Nicole is currently undertaking a funded PhD at Loughborough University within the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre. The aim of her research is to investigate the age-related differences in thermal sensitivity, sweating and skin blood flow during exposure to thermal stimuli. The findings from this research may be useful in the design of sport and protective clothing, thermal manikins and climate control within buildings and vehicles. 

Body Mapping of Peripheral Thermal Responses: An Age Comparison

Exercise physiology, environmental stress, thermal sensitivity