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Margherita Raccuglia BSc, MSc

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PhD Student

Margherita studied at Palermo University (Italy) where in 2012 she graduated with a First Class Bachelor’s degree with Distinction in Sport and Exercise Science and in 2014 obtained a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology.

In 2013 she undertook a international placement of 7 months in Loughborough Design School within the Environmental Ergonomics Research, looking at warming strategies and blood flow in sprint and power exercises.

In 2014 she was awarded with a 3 years PhD scholarship funded by Loughborough Design School and adidas Future.

Margherita is currently undertaking a PhD at Loughborough Design School within the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre. The purpose of her research is to investigate human thermal responses and heat /sweat  transfer through clothing in thermo-neutral and warm environments.

From Skin to Clothing: the relation between human thermal responses and  textile material testing. 

Exercise Physiology, Environmental Physiology, Sportswear, Protective Clothing, Thermal Comfort, Heat and Mass Transfer.