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James Gardner B.Sc.; M.Sc.

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PhD Student

James graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with two degrees, which were B.Sc. Sport Technology (2012) and M.Sc. Sports Engineering (2013).  His respective major research projects were titled, “Designing a multi-height plyometric box” and “Aerodynamic characteristics of drag reduction methods in sprinting apparel”.

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Research group: Design for Digital Fabrication

Now studying for a Ph.D., James’ research involves investigating Computer-Aided Design (CAD) methods with a focus on design potential in preparation for developments of Additive Manufacturing Technologies.  Particular emphasis is on the generation of biomimetic functional surfaces; their roles are intended to be demonstrators of the CAD approaches developed within his studies.

An Investigation into Generation of Functional Surfaces Using Computer-Aided Design

Computer-Aided Design (Grasshopper; SolidWorks); functional surfaces (textures); biomimetics; Additive Manufacturing

Also, fluid dynamics; sports equipment and systems; system design