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Daniel Kraszewski BSc (hons) Industrial Design, First class

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Daniel graduated in 2010 from University of Bradford with a first-class honours degree and the best student award in Industrial Design (BSc). His final year project was a baby pushchair that transforms into sleeping pod. It won him a national award in the Innovation Hothouse competition organized by The Royal Academy of Engineering and Institution of Engineering Designers. During his degree he participated in several international exchanges at various institutions, Beijing Normal University (China), INTI University College Nilai (Malaysia) and University of New Delhi (India).


Following graduation Daniel took a Product Design Engineer role at Dyson. The role involved working on all aspects of the product development lifecycle from early concepts, developed for approval of Sir James Dyson, to finalising pre-production details. Daniel was involved in the development of several innovative products like the DC28, DC39, DC48, DC53, and DC63 vacuum cleaner.

Daniel is currently studying for a PhD degree, primarily focusing on innovation of product meaning, that is characterised by the shift in the perceived purpose of a product by the users, in other words, ‘why’ people use the product rather then ‘how’. By analysing new meaning products and designers’ role and skills in meaning-driven innovation, Daniel is aiming to develop guidance and methodologies that help industrial designers to intentionally innovate through product meaning. 


Examples such innovation are, the Swatch watches that helped users redefine the purpose/meaning of a wristwatch from a luxury time keeping device into a fashionable colourful accessory that could be personalised depending on the occasion or to match clothing or on a creative whim. The Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, changed the purpose of a game console from an individualistic virtual immersion device that permitted experiencing unattainable experiences, like being a racing driver or special force soldier, into a device that permitted family friendly entertainment for all generations with the focus reversed from the screen to what is happening in front of the screen.

Product Meaning in Meaning-driven Innovation

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