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Charlotte Pyatt Industrial Design & Technology BA

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PhD Student

Charlotte graduated with Upper Second Class Honours in Industrial Design & Technology from Loughborough University in 2012. Whilst studying she was awarded an RSA Student Design Award for the design of a drug delivery device which sparked a career interest in the design of medical products. After graduation she gained experience freelancing as an industrial designer for a global pharmaceutical company and as an international researcher for a research and analysis firm. With an ongoing desire to work as a Design Researcher in a consultancy, Charlotte returned to Loughborough Design school to study for her PhD so that she could develop her research skills and methods. During this time she has undertaken a placement in the research team at DCA Design International and is now a DCA sponsored student.  

Charlotte’s research investigates the problem with patient compliance and wrist splints prescribed to people with rheumatoid arthritis. She is using design research methods to deeply uncover why patients wear and do not wear wrist splints, with a focus on the affect splint appearance has on patient wear.

Charlotte’s research is funded by Loughborough Design School. 

Personalisation of Wearable Medical Devices. 

Patient Compliance, Design Research Methods, Co-Design, Personalisation