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Alan Manley FndDip, Ba(Hons), MA, PGCE

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PhD Student

Originally from Birmingham, Alan graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA degree in Industrial Design and continued for a further year, again at Sheffield Hallam University, to study a postgraduate MA in Research in Art and Design. Here he cultivated his interest in design, emotion and memory, which still informs his research.

Alan also has an art and design education background and worked at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, for over two years where he was the course leader for the Product and Interface Design undergraduate course.

Research group: Sustainable Design Research Group

Alan is currently undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University with a key interest in product design, materials and emotions. The aim of his research is to identify the aesthetic and functional changes within materials and how these impact on user product attachment and affective responses within the context of electronic devices. The research aims to investigate how changes in perception of differing characteristics of certain materials can encourage or discourage product attachment and increase or decrease product ownership habits.

Wear, Tear and Affect: How ageing materials affect perceptions of materials.

Key areas of expertise: Product attachment, design and emotion, digital products, sustainability, materials, affective response