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Household Energy Use

Group: Sustainable Design

Project: Low Effort Energy demand Reduction (LEEDR)

Understanding household energy use to help the UK meet 2015 CO2 reduction targets

3 years, 2011 - 2014




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University of Surrey


LEEDR was a 4 year research project that sought to situateand understand domestic energy consumption within the context of families' everyday lives and routines. The project employed a combination of energy monitoring, video ethnographies and workshop techniques to explore opportunites for energy demand reduction through digital innovation and assess the possible impact a changing energy landscape might have on family life. The project promoted the development of cross-disciplinary research methods and sought to gain new insights brought to bear by the application of the disciplinary lenses of Engineering, Ethnography and Design. Design interventions were developed to identify novel ways to help householders reduce energy consumption. The outcomes from the work aimed to help the UK towards achieving the 2050 CO2 reduction targets.


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