Design School


Helping first responders deal with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear incidents

Group: Environmental Ergonomics

Project: TOXI-Triage

September 2015-September 2019

£500,000 to LDS (€12 million total budget)



The TOXI-Triage project proposes a new, integrated three-stage response to a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRNe) incident.  

The project brings together international expertise and innovative research from a European network. The research will determine the technology and systems needed by first-responders to enable them to respond effectively and manage mass casualties.  This will include how medical care and on-site decontamination can be administered rapidly.  The project will also help identify the processes for following up and monitoring casualties and potential casualties (including first responders) for clinical and sub-clinical exposures and environmental surveys. 

The project will assess information and communication technologies that will have potential to offer improved situational awareness with data from birds-eye and ground (individual) casualty assessment.  The research into possible technologies will also provide search and rescue expertise into contaminated and potentially contaminated areas as well as identifying payloads of self-administered auto-injects antidote and offering solutuions for one-to-one communication with/to casualties.

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