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Sustainable human development

Group: Sustainable Design

Project: Global Dimensions in Engineering Education

Raising the awareness of sustainable human development with universities globally

2 years




The Global Dimension in Engineering Education (GDEE) is an initiative that aims to increase the awareness, critical understanding and attitudinal values of undergraduate and postgraduate students in technical universities related to Sustainable Human Development (SHD) and its relationship with technology.

To achieve this, we work on integrating SHD as a cross-cutting issue in teaching activities by improving the competences of academics and through engaging both staff and students in initiatives related to SHD.

As a result of the initiative so far:

  • More than 50 subjects have introduced SHD in their curricula
  • 84 subjects have introduced SHD Issues in the curricula
  • 50 Memorandums of Understanding are signed between European Universities and NGOs
  • +2000 students have attended subjects where SHD issues have been introduced thanks to the project
  • +7000 students participated in formal and non-formal activities
  • +3000 downloads of the teaching material
  • +150 academics from at least 30 European Universities belong to the network.
  • +100 new academic activities initiated by more than 20 Universities (in partners countries) related to NGO work thanks to project

The new policy brief from GDEE was launched at the European Development Days event in Brussels on the 3rd and 4th of June 2015. It outlines the view that sustainable human development needs within universities needs to be strengthened.

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