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Group: Behavioural Safety Research Group

Project: Study on serious road traffic injuries in the EU

Different EU Member States each use their own definition of “serious” as a category of road crash. This has had the effect that data has not been comparable and little has been known about non-fatal crashes. Therefore national road safety policies have been incomplete and the true burden of crashes has not been known.

September 2015- August 2016


Pete Thomas


Following the work of the earlier research project SafetyNet, a standard definition has now been adopted by the Council of Ministers of Transport and data on non-fatal crashes is becoming available using a common definition. This project conducts the first analysis of that data to investigate the circumstances, causes and injury outcomes of serious injury crashes at EU level. A new approach has been developed so that the results of the analysis of UK, Swedish, French and German accident data are representative of the EU.

The project outcome will establish the new priorities for road safety at EU level and for Member States. As a result is expected the EU will adopt a new casualty reduction target for seriously injured casualties during 2017.

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