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Studying road accidents

Group: Transport Safety

Project: Road Accident in Depth Studies (RAIDS)

4 Years 2012 - 2016


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The Department for Transport


RAIDS has built an in-depth research database for road traffic collisions providing comprehensive information that can be used for independent research. The database allows researchers to understand the causes of collisions and any injuries to the road users involved, and to support evaluation of potential solutions. The database brings together collision investigations made under the RAIDS data collectionprogramme with data from earlier in-depth studies.

Loughborough University supported this national programme by carrying out investigations in the East Midlands working closely with local police, hospitals and coroners. The RAIDS database provides researchers with the following:

  • A better understanding about the effect that road design, vehicle design and safety technology can have on collision casusation, mitigation and injury outcomes;
  • A better understanding about biochemical information to assist in the development of crash test tools and determination of human injury performance and tolerance criteria;
  • Statistically valid data on collision causation and injury mechanisms to inform policy development for regulatory and non-regulatory measures.

Data captured by the study is managed in a high quality searchable database that meets the appropriate level of security for compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. 

Further information can be found at the Department for Transports Website: