Design School


Reducing emissions & accidents

Group: Behavioural Safety

Project: European Naturalistic Driving and Riding for Infrastructure & Vehicle Safety and Environment (UDRIVE)

Identifying the next generation of measures to help reach european road accident & emissions targets

5 years, 2012 - 2017



Current EU road accident and emissions targets aim to achieve radical reductions in both these areas by 2020.  

In 2012 a group of reserachers from the School came together to begin the UDRIVE project.  The project aims to identify a number of the next generation measures that will enable the EU work towards achieving these targets. The project will see a large-scale European naturalistic driving study undertaken to understand how users are interacting with and using the road networks.  This will in turn provide the basis for one central database which will be created by the team.  During a two-year data collection effort, the project will collect information on 210 vehicles, each for 21 months; 120 passenger cars, 50 trucks, and 40 powered two-wheelers. Data collected includes vehicle sensor, vehicle movement and video covering both the inside and outside environment.  

Results from the driving study will then be used to look at crash causation factors and associated risks, distraction and inattention, vulnerable road users and eco-driving.  This analysis will then help the team to the identify new and promising countermeasures, as well as suggesting the potential of simple DAS for monitoring performance indicators over time.  It is also hoped that the study will provide improvement of driver behaviour models for road transport simulation as well as provide possible commercial applications of the data