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Redesigning Ambulances

Group: Environmental Ergonomics

Project: Redesigning Ambulances

Reducing NHS Costs and Improving Patient Care using Ergonomics to redesign ambulance vehicles and equipment




NHS- National Patient Safety Agency


Helen Hamlyn Research Centre

Royal College of Art, London

Ambulance Service Association


This project focused on the interior layout and design of ambulances, specifically how to make them safer, more comfortable and easier to use for both healthcare professionals and patients. Before 2006, there were over 40 different designs in circulation in the UK; this project sought a standardised design which could be applied nationwide.

The project resulted in UK-wide standardised interior and exterior design for ambulances, improved patient safety and working conditions and over £2.5 million in savings for the NHS over a three year period.

“Achievement of the single specification ambulance was as a result of a very successful collaboration and I was delighted to note that over £2.5 million has been saved over the past 3 years.” Chair, National Ambulance Fleet Strategy Group

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