Design School


Raising resource efficiency

Group: Sustainable Design

Project: Creative Outreach for Resource Efficiency (CORE)

Promoting the issues of resource efficiency & the circular economy through outreach

3 years, 2013 - 2016


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The Creative Outreach for Resource Efficiency (CORE) project team work in partnership with three other projects – also funded by EPSRC – to deliver high-impact world-class science. CORE supports the use of exciting and imaginative outreach mechanisms to reach new audiences and to raise awareness about resource efficiency and the circular economy.

We do this by:

  • Supporting vibrant and creative outreach
  • Organising activities to support our stakeholders to develop new skills
  • Publicising the outcomes from partner projects
  • Creating a community of practice where we can share and develop new ideas and communicating news of outreach
  • Collaboration enterprise and research opportunities to our partner projects

Twitter: @CORE_Community

Please contact Dr Debra Lilley or Dr Garrath Wilson for more information