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Product pleasure

Group: Design Ergonomics

Project: Towards an understanding of Pleasure: RealPeople

Identifying aspects of products that bring pleasure to users

3 Years 2003 - October 2006

£105,000 & a further £20,640 dissemination grant

Dr Samantha Porter

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In this project the aspects of products that bring pleasure to users were identified and analysed using a popular framework through in –depth interviews with a hundred people and questionnaires to a further seven hundred people.

Age, gender, personality differences, product pleasure needs and aspirations were analysed. A ‘pleasure framework’ was then developed with special consideration given to making the information accessible to designers.

These led to the development of an interactive DVD based resource designed to inspire and inform designers in the early stages of the design process; highlighting the key ‘pleasure’ needs of different market demographics and promoting greater empathy with the user. 

The interface allows designers to specify a user group through selecting certain variables e.g. gender, and view statistically validated data on the groups’ generic attitudes towards products.  They can also browse an individual’s data (in the form of short video clips, high quality still images, and detailed lifestyle information) for more in-depth information about products that they find pleasurable.