Design School


Personalised kicks

Group: Design Ergonomics

Project: Elite to High Street (E2HS)

Investigating the possibility of personalised sports shoes

5 years - completed September 2011


Dr Samantha Porter

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This project looked at the possibility of producing personalised sports shoes for the public, amateur sports enthusiasts and elite athletes.  

The School's role was to investigate user needs.  We specifically looked at the service the public would use in order to purchase a pair of personalised shoes, specifying its requirements.  We also investigated how personalised footwear might reduce podiatric and bio-mechanical problems and injury for the general public. 

Other partners in the project were concerned with the investigation of a rapid manufacturing process that is cheap and quick enough to produce personalised outsoles - the exterior part of a shoe.  They also determined the process parameters to rapid manufacture (sinter) new materials that are suitable for use in outsoles and generating a design methodology for outsoles with proven improved and long term function.

The project also analysed the functional needs of personalised footwear for elite athletes in different disciplines to determine whether personalised outsoles actually provided performance advantages.

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