Design School


A Local Ambassadors' Programme

Group: Sustainable Design

Project: On The Town

Bringing together local and Higher Education students communities by doing things differently.

March 2016 - December 2016



HEFCE Social Innovation sandpit


Coventry University

Keele University

New Vic Theatre


‘On the Town’ aims to bring together local and H.E. students communities by doing things differently. By means of a grass-roots approach, it focuses on community flourishing and improving peoples’ lives through community ‘building’ activities led by young local groups for and with young local groups.  It will create a Local Ambassador Programme (LAP), fostering dialogue and breaking down silos between local communities and the transient student populations studying there, culminating in a Freshers’ Week presence hosted by the Local Ambassadors. The project brings together 3 UK localities in the midlands - Coventry, Loughborough and Stoke-on-Trent - where the relationships between communities and universities continue to change as student numbers grow and the student profile diversifies.  With widening participation and community engagement high on the universities’ agendas, this project seeks to find innovative ways for existing relationships to develop and new relationships to be nurtured. Key to the success of this project will be to empower local communities with soft skills to engage in community and relationship building that places communities’ interests at the heart of the interaction.