Design School


Delivering better transport systems while reducing environmental impact

Group: User-Centred Design

Project: Ideas in Transit

5 years September 2007 - August 2012



Ideas in Transit was one of 3 major projects funded by the UK government initiative "Future Intelligent Transport Systems" which aimed to address "the challenge of delivering better passenger and freight transport services while at the same time reducing negative environmental impacts".  The aim of the overall project was to understand and support grassroots, user-generated innovations that use existing technology and which can improve the transport system in the UK. For example: the use of Facebook groups to initiate car-share groups; collaborative development of online cycle route information by cyclists; independent development and distribution of public-transport smartphone applications.

Loughborough Design School's research focus was the role of user-centred design in these grassroots innovations. Research was completed on understanding 16 innovations (and their innovators) in detail and the extent of user involvement in their development. A co-design approach was also developed to spark such user innovation by involving the right people and the right tools.  

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