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Hockey evolution

Group: Design Ergonomics

Project: FIH Project HG: User Experience

Evolving the hockey game for modern players & audiences

7 months - completed November 2014


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As part of this partnership the School was invited to get involved in a project to help the FIH improve hockey for both players and fans through the creation of a new format (smaller teams, smaller pitch).  

This would be a market led product with the intention of reaching new audiences, in new territories, engaging millions of new players and creating a new breed of hockey star.  The Design School’s role, with its expertise in service design, was to research the current appeal of the 11 a side game and develop a product specification for the new game for the FIH to work with.

A number of small format games were recently trialled at Loughborough University and the work is on going under the supervision of the Sports Development Centre.