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Domestic carbon emissions

Group: User-Centred Design

Project: Consumer-Appealing Low Energy technologies for Building Retrofitting (CALEBRE)

Identifying technologies to reduce UK domestic carbon emissions

4.5 years October 2008 - April 2013


Dr Victoria Haines

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This project aimed to establish a validated, comprehensive package for reducing UK domestic carbon emissions that is acceptable and appealing to householders.

The project investigated a selection of technologies that included electric and gas-fired heat pumps, home ventilation heat recovery and advanced insulation methods based on vacuum and nano-technology, importantly and uniquely, informed by the reality of the user perspective.

Loughborough provided the project leadership, and expertise in user-centred needs and occupant thermal comfort evaluation.

This Principle Investigator for the project was Professor Dennis Loveday from the School of Civil and Building Engineering at Loughborough.   Dr Victoria Haines from Loughborough Design School was Co-Investigator, and led the team of human factors researchers who worked to identify and understand user centred barriers and motivations to the introduction of the new technologies.


Project CALEBRE: addressing the domestic energy refurbishment challenge

This E.ON / Research Councils UK-funded research project involved a partnership of six leading UK universities, led by Loughborough University. CALEBRE (Consumer Appealing Low Energy technologies for Building Retrofitting) addressed how 'hard to heat, hard to treat' homes can be made more energy