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Design Communication Tool

Group: Design Practice

Project: iD Cards Design Communication Tool

Improving the process of New Product Development

5 years


Dr Mark Evans

Design Practice Research Group


iD Cards are the outcome from research that responded to problems of language and understanding in the use of design representations (sketches, drawings, models, prototypes) during New Product Development (NPD).

Available in three formats of fold-out cards, pdf download and smartphone app, the iD Cards approach identifies 32 key types of design representation; when they are used; and for what types of information. They facilitate more effective NPD through enhanced design methods, communication, team working and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

The content has been validated, distributed, promoted and adopted by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) for use by its members.

The fold-out iD Cards were a finalist in the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards and and Impact Case Study for the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF2014).

In 2015, the app was promoted on websites for major design organisations that include the German Design Council, British Industrial Design Association, Design Denmark, Design Institute of Australia and Brazilian Association of Designers. Through the range of formats, the iD Cards are now embedded in global design education, practice and research.