Design School


Improving road safety in Brazil & India

Group: Transport Safety

Project: SaferBrain

Developing tools and guidelines for vulnerable road users in Brazil and India aiming to increase road safety across the whole road transport system

2.5 Years October 2009 - March 2012

£317,040 for LDS €2,500,000 for total project



Master Plan BV (Netherlands)

A+S Consult GmbH FuE (Germany)

Foundation of Support to University of San Paulo (Brazil)

I.T. Ingegneria dei Trasporti - ITRoma (Italy)

Transport Collision Research Group


The main objective of SaferBraIn was to develop innovative tools and guidelines for vulnerable road user safety in Brazil and India, including road safety management, safe infrastructure design and road safety audit procedures, with the aim of increasing safety levels of the whole road transport system. The main areas of the project were:

  • Analysis of local requirements, which focuses on local accident databases regarding vulnerable road users, the road infrastructure, land-use planning and local current road safety management procedures;
  • Analysis of the transferability conditions of the European methodologies, tools and measures to the Emerging Economies;
  • Analysis of the main risk factors based on European experience and best practice. Innovative methodologies and tools for planning, designing and maintaining safe infrastructures were developed, including a detailed Decision Support System (DSS).

To assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the innovative methodologies and tools, two pilot road projects (in India and in Brazil) were implemented on sites where renewal designs were planned. Feedback from pilot projects was used to finalise draft recommendations and guidelines developed within the project for improvement of accident data collection procedures and road safety oriented land-use planning as well as education material.