Design School


Reducing blindspots

Group: Design Ergonomics

Project: Understanding Direct & Indirect Driver Vision in Heavy Goods Vehicles

Redesigning the HGV to save lives in London

18 Months (completed October 2015)


Dr Steve Summerskill


This project involved the use of innovate tools developed at Loughborough Design School which allow the quantification of blind spots in vision of truck drivers. These blind spots are caused by the structure of the vehicle, and stop the driver from seeing cyclists, pedestrians and even other vehicles that are close proximity to the truck.

The project was commissioned by TfL due to the disproportionate number of construction trucks involved in accidents with cyclists and pedestrians in London. The project involved the modelling and analysis of 19 truck designs, allowing the variability in blind spots to be identified.

The results of the project led to the introduction and testing of safer truck designs into London, and provided a mechanism for vehicle operators to select truck designs and specifications which are best in class in terms of having reduced blind spot size. In addition the project involved the production of concept truck designs which showed how vehicles can be configured to reduce blind spots whilst also improving the aerodynamic performance of standard truck designs. The outputs of this activity have been used by TfL in the lobbying of the European Parliament to improve vehicle standardisation to allow safer truck designs in the future.  

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